9 accounts, 26 currencies, FX rates +0.15%*, no fees

The best multi-currency bank account in the world is coming

* 0.15% represents a lifetime discount of 50% from our usual rate of 0.30% - LIMITED TIME OFFER!




Domestic named accounts for GBP and EUR with your own account number opened within minutes.

Real International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for seven other currencies, including USD.


Hold funds in 17 further currencies and make payments from them whenever you are ready.

Transactions are processed in real time. Funds are available instantly for EUR, GBP and USD.


26 currencies, all priced at 0.15% above the interbank rate. That's 70% cheaper than Transferwise etc.


Authorised & Regulated by the FCA, Bank accounts issued in your name with top tier UK/European banks.


There is no monthly account maintenance or subscription fee* like Revolut, no charge for receiving money and no payment limit. Payments are £1 for domestic GBP and EUR, £5 for international SWIFT.

Incredible Value, Speed and Convenience

Applying for an account is quick and easy. You just need a photo ID - driving licence or passport and your name and address. Accounts normally opened in less than 1 hour.

*There is a monthly inactivity charge of £5 per month per currency. 

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